The 135th Assault Helicopter Company was organized at

Fort Hood, Texas on 1 February 1967.

In October 1967 the unit deployed to Vung Tau,

Republic of Vietnam. At the time of deployment,

the Australian Government dispatched a Navy Helicopter flight

to Vietnam consisting of eleven officers and thirty-six enlisted

men. The Australian flight was assigned to the 135th, and the

unit became known as an "Experimental Military Unit",

or EMU for short.

The unit's first roll in Vietnam was to support the

Royal Australian Task Force and other free-world units

working in III and IV Corps. To facilitate operations,

the 135th moved to Blackhorse in December 1967

and then to  Bear Cat in November 1968.

Working as part of the 214th CAB and 222nd CAB,

the EMU's wrought devastation on the Viet Cong from the

southern edges of the U Minh Forest to the

Bamboo of Bu Dop and east to the boundaries of II Corps.

On 8 September 1970, the EMU's moved again,

this time to Dong Tam, supporting strictly

Vietnamese Army units in the Delta.

As other Aviation units in the Delta deactivated, the only

 US/Australian helicopter unit in existence took up the slack.

The 135th daily flew great distances from home station in

support of the war effort. As the only completely integrated

Multi-national Helicopter Company fighting in Viet Nam,

the EMU's developed pride and dedication to their motto,


The gunship platoon (TAIPANS) adopted their own motto, 

Get The Job Done Bloody

In 1971, The EMU's moved to Di An.

In June 1971, the Royal Australian Navy portion of the

135th deactivated and was replaced by US personnel.

The 135th continued to carry out their mission

as well as the traditions of the EMU's.

The EMU's flew their final mission, a combat assault in support of the

25th ARVN Division in Tay Ninh, on 20 January 1972.

Stand-down operations began the following day.