Guestbook Log From 2000

Date: 18 Apr 2000
Time: 11:11:01
Name: Steve Clark
E-Mail stevejcla[at] Taipan034[at]
Unit 135th AHC Taipans Di An 1971-72
Webmaster of web page’s:

Date: 18 Apr 2000
Time: 16:27:49
Name: Bill Hysmith
E-Mail :taipan495[at]
Web page: (webmaster )
Unit : 135th AHC Taipans Bear Cat 1970
I like the new look. It’ll be a pleasure to help out with the site.

Date: 18 Apr 2000
Time: 18:16:21
Name: Willard T. Tucker
E-Mail CndrWill[at]
Unit: 2nd Plt. CE SHIP#185,71-72 Dong Tam and Di-An 135th AHC.

Date: 18 Apr 2000
Time: 20:09:34
Name: Carl Zipperer
Unit: Minuteman 27 176th AHC 1970-71
Web Page :
Steve, Thanks very much for sending me the URL for this site,
especially the memorial page. Never Forget!

Date: 18 Apr 2000
Time: 21:11:46
Name: Mike Stubbs (Taipan 683)
E-Mail: JohnS55115[at]
Unit 135th AHC Taipans – Dong Tam and Di-An 1971-72

Date: 18 Apr 2000
Time: 23:21:42
Name: David Holt
E-Mail monroe[at]
Unit The 162nd.(VULTURES & COPPERHEADS) Aug.69-Aug.70 at Can Tho.
Web Page :
GREAT SITE! 162nd.(VULTURES & COPPERHEADS) Aug.69-Aug.70 at Can Tho. David Holt
The 162nd. has a site at come and visit.

Date: 19 Apr 2000
Time: 04:45:02
E-Mail: vietvet_2000[at]
Unit : 135th AHC BEARCAT AND DONG TAM 1969/70

Date: 19 Apr 2000
Time: 09:50:58
Name: Robert A. Dougherty
Unit: 135th AHC, 1967-68
Good job on the site

Date: 19 Apr 2000
Time: 09:59:39
Name: Roger Pritchard
E-Mail roger.pritchard/alcan[at]alcan
Unit : 135th AHC Taipan14, 10/69-10/70 Bearcat
Hope to see some Taipans & EMU’s at reunion in Charlotte.

Date: 22 Apr 2000
Time: 15:15:40
Name: Paul Petrie sp5
E-Mail pdp1144[at]
Unit: 135th AHC Blackhorse
The site looks good. I was in the Sig Det. Apr68-Apr69 and flew gunner on a regular volunteer basis. I am going to try to send a pic taken at Blackhorse after a rocket blew up our supply conex. See you in Charlotte. Thanks

Date: 23 Apr 2000
Time: 06:43:47
Name: Duncan Stewart
E-Mail: tech[at]
Unit: 135AHC 70/71 Dong Tam and Di An
Web Page

Date: 23 Apr 2000
Time: 15:56:36
Name: Will Gibbons (Hoot)
E-Mail: emu35[at]
Unit : 135th AHC slicks Jan 68 – Jan 69

Date: 24 Apr 2000
Time: 05:59:51
Name: Gerald W. Sandlin
E-Mail: msgerry[at]
Unit: 189th AHC Hq. Plt and 2d Lift Plt 1967-1968
Web Page:
I enjoyed your web page. Keep the good work up.

Date: 29 Apr 2000
Time: 19:26:39
Name: Kelly Odell
E-Mail: taipan495[at]
Unit : 2nd (chalk) and 3rd (Taipan) platoons, 135th AHC, 1968-1969, crew chief on EMU 136 and Taipan 495.
Hi Bill. Well I finally got around to checking your web page out. I am impressed! It looks like you have the makings of an excellent page. Here’s my info: I was crew chief on Taipan 495 in 1969. For anyone who wishes to make contact with me, my email address is taipan495[at] . Please add to the list of Taipan pilots, my AC, Lt. Tom Supple R.A.N. Also, please add to the Taipan crewmembers list, my assigned door gunner, Larry Fogle. Oh boy, do I have a bunch of photos and memorabilia to contribute! Only problem is, I am not very adept at using a computer. So this could take awhile.

Date: 05 May 2000
Time: 16:59:08
Name: Mr. John Piper
E-Mail: jpiper1125[at]
Unit : 135th AHC 1st Platoon 1967
Nice job on this site keep up the good work.

Date: 09 May 2000
Time: 01:57:35
Name: David Benge
Email: dtbenge[at]
Unit : 135th AHC Prop and Rotor 69-70 Bear Cat / Dong Tam
David Benge dtbenge[at] Prop and Rotor 69-70 Bear Cat / Dong Tam Great to see . I have found Mike Guard and John De Witt both Taipans of the Highest degree. Both will be at Charlotte NC & So will I . What a party this will be. There will be a lot of Aussies coming Who you say ?? I have no Idea

Date: 23 May 2000
Time: 16:32:26
Name: Bill Flores
Email: wfrm[at]
Unit : 191st Assault Hel. Co. from 3-68 until 10-69
I was with the 191st AHC from 3-68 until 10-69. Our call sign for the slicks was Boomerang and our gun platoon was Bounty Hunter. I was at Bear Cat , Dong Tam and Can Tho and flew with both the Boomerangs and the Bounty Hunters as a C.E..
I would like to congratulate whoever put this web site together, it is outstanding.
You guys sure have a lot to be proud of. Welcome Home!!!

Date: 24 May 2000
Time: 14:11:4
Name: David Benge
Unit: 135th AHC: Bear Cat and Dong Tam Taipans
Email : dtbenge[at]
Many of you by know will know that there is a appeal out for a
EMU Pilot /Andy Perry. who has had some Medical problems Small brain Tumor. His flying career135th EMUs and 30 + years is over. Even though he won the Silver Star The only Aussie to do so. Those of you will remember him at Bear Cat and Dong Tam. He was 6′ 6″ and full of muscle. But He is in need of CASH to be able to get to Charlotte . TAIPANS one and all, “Please” contact the writer and I will send all the A/C details in Australia.

Date: 03 Jun 2000
Time: 05:52:25
Name: JD jdelmer
E-Mail : JD jdelmer351[at]
Great site Steve.

Date: 04 Jun 2000
Time: 06:45:20
Name: Rick Idol, Taipan 15
E-Mail: ridol[at]
Unit: 135th AHC EMU’s and Taipans, April 69 – March 70
Outstanding job on the Website, although I’m not sure about the AH-64A Apaches. It would have been nice to have had some Apaches on a couple of occasions that I can remember. I would like to know if there is a roster or list of potential attendees to the 135th AHC Reunion coming up 21-23 June, 2000. If so, would someone e-mail me that list or send information concerning access to said list. That’s all for now, keep up the good work, stay well, spread the word, and stay in touch. Rick

Date: 13 Jun 2000
Time: 18:01:23
Name: John Lowe
E-Mail: taipan6[at]
Unit: 135 AHC, Taipan 6, 1970 – 71
I thought I could not make the reunion, but now there is a slim chance I can be there Friday, June 23. Could someone send me the agenda and host hotel? Thanks. John

Date: 14 Jun 2000
Time: 19:02:42
Name: Michael Kahler
E-Mail: okiemike[at]
Unit: 135th AHC 69- 70 Bearcat Taipans and Slicks
135th AHC 69- 70 Bearcat Taipans and Slicks Regret that I won’t be able to make the reunion in Charlotte after all. Still have some Crests available, just e-mail me if you want one. Hope the reunion goes well and all have an ‘accident free’ good time. Take care

Date: 15 Jun 2000
Time: 13:56:56
Name: Dale Norman
E-Mail: danorm[at]
Unit: 135th AHC 70-71 Dong Tam / Di An second flight and Taipan Guns
Charlotte Reunion. I live in Charlotte and would like to meet 135th members. I will be at the reunion on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Attended the 1998 reunion in Dallas. See everyone there or can be contacted at 704-329-0200 work. 704-545-1060 home, 3726 Aster Drive Charlotte, NC 28227

Date: 24 Jun 2000
Time: 09:44:47
Name: Mr. John Piper
E-Mail : piper1125[at]
Unit: 135th AHC 1st Platoon 1967
I Couldn’t make the Reunion 2000, but I hope all you guy’s have a great time. My thought’s are with you all.

Name: Walker Knight
Unit: 2nd Plt
Location: Bear Cat 1969
Date: 06 Jul 2000
Time: 11:24:17
Really good job on the web page. Enjoyed the reunion. Plans are in the works for an EMU Reunion in 2002 in Australia. Gives everyone time to start saving their nickels & dimes. For the Aussies, that is 5 & 10 cents.

Name: Mark Knuckles
Email: markknuckles[at]
Unit: 135th Slicks and Maintenance
Location: Bearcat, December 68 to December 69
Date: 06 Jul 2000
Time: 16:16:00
Nice job. Appreciate your efforts to help all stay in touch. Check out the 135 e-mail list This is a service for you. Thanks for joining.
Mark Knuckles Associates, Inc.
Hickory, North Carolina

Name: Ray Costenbader
EMail: rcsclubs[at]
Unit: 2nd Bn (Mech) 2nd Inf 1st Inf Div US Army
Location: Laikhe 66-69
Date: 11 Jul 2000
Time: 09:12:42
Sitting here with George Ralph in Amarillo Tx, July 11, 2000 reminiscing and exchanging stories. He came from Australia to visit. Great site thumbs up to all. Peace to the bros, god bless. remember our fallen brothers.

Name: Rickie L. Coleman
EMail: rlc52[at]
Unit: 135TH AHC Taipan crewchief/door gunner
Location: Gray Army Airfield Ft Hood, Vung Tau, Black Horse
Date: 12 Jul 2000
Time: 04:32:07
Was with unit shortly after unit was formed, shipped out with unit to Vietnam and was with unit until I left on the “FREEDOM BIRD”.

Name: Bobby Allen
EMail: brallen[at]
Unit: 135th Avn Co, 3rd Plt – Taipan 21
Location: Vung Tau & Black Horse 1967-68
Date: 12 Jul 2000
Time: 15:36:37
We got off to a good start, I think. Tet of 1968 was more fun than I ever want to have again. I hope everyone that served in the 135th and especially the Taipans live long and prosper.

Name: Rich Hefferman
EMail: red16[at]
Unit: B Troop 7/17th Air Cav Scout Plt
Location: Pleiku, An Khe, Phan Thiet
Date: 13 Jul 2000
Time: 20:45:21
Steve, I really like the lay out of your web site. Real good unit history too. Great Job.

Name: Jose L. Martinez
EMail: jlmartinez69[at]
Unit: A Troop 7/17th Cav.
Location: II Corps 68-69
Date: 13 Jul 2000
Time: 21:24:59
Great site, great graphics. Really enjoyed the visit and will be back for more.

Name: Bob Heidenreich
EMail: bobheid[at]
Unit: 129th AHC
Location: Lane Field, An Son 68/69
Date: 14 Jul 2000
Time: 16:08:47
What a fine site. I will be coming back more often now. You have out done Yourselves. OUTSTANDING! Best to You, Bob Heidenreich

Name: John Demuth
EMail: jademuth[at]
Unit: 135th AHC
Location: Black Horse and Bear Cat
Date: 17 Jul 2000
Time: 14:19:28
Our time Nam is over, but not forgotten! Hope to hear from comrades. I have visited many on “The Wall”!

Name: Jerry Ables
EMail: ables[at]
Unit: 135th Taipans
Location: Gray Army Airfield–Vung Tau–Blackhorse–67/68
Date: 18 Jul 2000
Time: 21:52:32
The site is terrific. I appreciate all of the time and expense that all of you guys have put into these sites. Ricky Coleman–if you read this I need your email address. Best of luck to all of you–you deserve it! Jerry Ables, crewchief, Taipan 125

Name: “Dirty” Jim Dremel
EMail: bagladee[at]
Unit: 2nd.; 135th
Location: Vung Tau, Blackhorse; 1967-1968
Date: 21 Jul 2000
Time: 21:08:20
I like the new format better. Need to make it easier for some of us to find you guys. Jim

Name: Michael D. Petersen
EMail: mpeterse1[at]
Unit: 135th AHC 3rd Platoon Taipans
Location: Dong Tam – Di An 71 -72
Date: 23 Jul 2000
Time: 12:47:13
Great Web site. Kudo’s to the webmasters.

Name: Tom Staadt
EMail: tstaadt[at]
Unit: 135th AHC EMU 1
Location: Bearcat Jan 69-Jan 70
Date: 25 Jul 2000
Time: 08:12:06
Great reunion in North Carolina. Can’t wait for the reunion in Australia in 2002, April 25th…Hope a lot of the USA contingent makes it. I was there at the Nowra 50th anniversary last year and had a blast. I’m on the planning committee so contact me if you want more information. I’m looking for an old emu if anyone knows his where-abouts..his name was Tom Smith Maint. Officer in 69. Thanks, Tom

Name: Arthur J. McGehee SGM Retired
EMail: artsu67[at]
Unit: 135th/2nd Flight Platoon and Maint Platoon
Location: DI AN Oct 71 – Feb 72
Date: 25 Jul 2000
Time: 10:56:29
Welcome Home Troops!!!!!!!!!!! Remember our fallen ones!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Ray Young
EMail: ray.young[at]
Unit: A Troop 3/17 Air Cav
Location: Quan Loi 1970-1971
Date: 27 Jul 2000
Time: 20:14:25
I talked with Mike Parris at his workplace today. It isn’t often that I get to talk with people who served in Viet Nam. Don’t even know if other units who served back then have web pages. best Wishes, Ray Young

Name: Hilary M. Turner
EMail: hilarymichael[at]
Unit: 135th AHC /Maintenance
Location: Dong Tam, Di An Nov70-Dec72Jan73
Date: 29 Jul 2000
Time: 12:14:52
Hi Guys. Severe PTSD so I really don’t remember a lot. I do how ever remember the face’s. Whatever happened to Capt.B?

Name: Andy Perry
EMail: avperry[at]
Unit: 1st Platoon 135th AHC
Location: Bear Cat / Dong Tam 1969-70
Date: 30 Jul 2000
Time: 05:26:44
I had a wonderful reunion. It was great to see so many of the guys and hope to see you all again plus more here in Australia in 2002. Thanks for your tremendous support during my trip to America, I would never have made it with out you all.

Name: David Farlow
EMail: dfarlow[at] or dkfarlow[at]
Unit: 2nd Platoon, 135th AHC, EMU 22
Location: 13 Dec 68 to 13 Dec 69
Date: 30 Jul 2000
Time: 07:11:35
Talk about a blast from the past. We’re all getting older now. Nostalgia is sometimes a good thing. It is good to see some of those names. I smiled at every name I recognized. It was a great bunch of folks. Thanks.

Name: Wayne Harper
EMail: emu29[at]
Unit: 135th AHC, 2nd Plt.
Location: Bearcat 69′-70′
Date: 30 Jul 2000
Time: 18:47:45
Great site. I will be back.

Name: David Cook
EMail: irabsa[at]
Unit: started as the motor sgt
Location: Dong Tam, Dian and Tay Ninh
Date: 01 Aug 2000
Time: 10:22:12
Dam good site guys. Will relay this site on to Dave Curtin. I also worked as a truck driver for the PX at Dong Tam and Cougar 70 Delta Under Capt Volkman. Had a good time in NC this year Hope to be around for the next one COOKIE. The list for the guys that did not make it is incomplete Duncon’s old site has the complete list. Hotelling was an unnecessary casualty as he was run over by the fork lift at Dong Tam after being told not to ride on the side of it

Name: Dave Curtin
EMail: EMU135[at]
Unit: Sgt. of Guard, flight line/commo
Location: Dong Tam/Di An 70-71
Date: 01 Aug 2000
Time: 17:52:04
Good site! Will check in often. Anybody ever hear from Chuck Nudo, Dave Owen or Grabber? If so, tell them I’m searching for them. I still have some of the reproduction 135Th. patches (as seen on the top of this sites home page) they fit on ball caps and have an iron on backing. They are $5.00each or 5 ea. for $20.00, U.S. postage is included in the price. I heard from CRAZY Dave Cook that the reunion went very well indeed!! I hope ALL former members are well and living our dreams. Always remember, “Our brothers died so we might live, may WE be worthy of their sacrifice”!

Name: Dale
EMail: vietna467[at]
Unit: 20th Engineers 501st land Clearing Co. “Jungle Eaters”
Location: 1968-69 Bearcat, Tay Ninh City, Michelin Plantation, Cu Chi, Iron Triangle, Parrots Beak and all points west
Date: 02 Aug 2000
Time: 15:47:15
CommentsGood looking site. Stop by my site and grab some free anti virus down loads and more. Join our FIREBASE Webring too. Welcome Home Brother ^ 5

Name: Terry Brooks
EMail: taipan135[at]
Unit: RANHFV with 135th AHC
Location: Vung Tau and Black Horse Oct 67 – Oct 68
Date: 04 Aug 2000
Time: 03:15:53
Great work you blokes have done and are still doing. I mostly crewed with Jerry Ables as door gunner and after his accident I crewed with Ricky Coleman and other great Crew Chiefs. I’ll check in some more for old names to be renewed and refreshed in my memory banks. Jerry and I are still in contact…now for Ricky.

Unit: 2nd
Location: BLACKHORSE/68
Date: 04 Aug 2000
Time: 13:37:29
I think the “fallen” list needs to include W.O. Bill Miller, and CDR Vickers both KIA in 1968. The site looks pretty dam good and will undoubtedly improve as people send in photos. Unfortunately, I lost all of my photos. So, I look forward to any that show up on the web site.

Name: John Sturdivant Senior Master Sargent
EMail: jjohnstu[at]
Unit: 377 combat support group
Location: Ramstein AFB Germany 1976-81
Date: 05 Aug 2000
Time: 13:35:51
This is truly a great web page, you fly boys have learned to a new hobbie. I am proud to have stopped in and sharred your memories. John

Name: Eric Wile
EMail: ekwile[at]
Unit: 135 ahc 2 platoon
Location: Bearcat 69-70
Date: 06 Aug 2000
Time: 05:37:54

Name: Rex E. Adams Jr.
EMail: rex2352000[at]
Date: 10 Aug 2000
Time: 15:40:54
I found this site by accident while searching for info about my cousin sp4 Larry Elmer Steppee who was kia april 04 1971.I am looking for Benny f. Neal or anyone that knew Larry. Any info will be helpful as there are too many unanswered questions .I’ve spoken to my aunt Peggy(Larry’smother) about this and she would like to know all we can find out.This is a good site . I’d like to say welcome home to all who served and God bless.I can be reached at rex2352000[at]

Name: Maj Elmer David Saxton
EMail: dsaxton577[at]
Date: 12 Aug 2000
Time: 14:03:04

Name: John R. Rogers
EMail: jrlr[at]
Unit: 1st
Location: Black Horse and Bear Cat1968 – 1969
Date: 13 Aug 2000
Time: 16:45:16
Served with the best. Currently live in Amarillo, Texas. I flew the Texas flag in Viet Nam. It was painted on the nose of my aircraft EMU 269. I still fly the Texas flag in Amarillo. Would like to hear from my crew chief Jay Harris or any other EMU’s (too many to list all). Hope all is well with my fellow EMU’s.

Name: Scott Mowery
EMail: scott_mowery[at]
Unit: 1st
Location: Bear Cat / Dong tam
Date: 15 Aug 2000
Time: 12:43:32
Where the hell are all pics I put on the web with Bob Johnson? Some of those pics were classic. Motor Mouth 6
You must be at the wrong web site. Can you say, Oops? Steve & Bill

Name: Joe Semancheck
EMail: semancheck[at]
Unit: C/227thAHB 1st Cav.
Location: An Khe, LZ Oasis, LZ Dog, LZ Hammonds
Date: 20 Aug 2000
Time: 05:00:20
You’all have done one great job on this page. Thanks for sharing and keeping the history alive. I know the other members of the 135th are proud of your hard work and efforts. Welcome Home Joe

Name: Dave Gorjup
EMail: dgorjup[at]
Unit: 205th ASHC Geronimos
Location: Phu Loi 69-70
Date: 20 Aug 2000
Time: 05:07:25
Great job, guys. We Hookers always loved supporting our brothers but working with the Aussies was always special. Welcome home to all.

Name: Thomas McGinnis
EMail: trmac[at]
Unit: 135th, Taipans
Location: Ft. Hood , Vung Tau , and Blackhorse
Date: 29 Aug 2000
Time: 03:38:55
Good to see you working on this site. Have seen some names I had almost forgotten. Keep up the good work.

Name: Gary Worthy
EMail: gary[at]
Unit: 11th ACR
Location: Blackhorse 68
Date: 01 Sep 2000
Time: 12:02:25
Neat to see an aerial photo of Blackhorse. Just like I remembered it.

Name: Donna Maree Lakin nee Macartney
EMail: eungellacarrier[at]
Date: 07 Sep 2000
Time: 20:40:04
This is great!!! Its great to see the recognition of all those who served in Vietnam. My father, John Macartney, left Australia for Vietnam when I was 4 days old. It made a huge impact on my life. All the best, Donna.

Name: John Schwaninger
EMail: scoutgunner[at]
Unit: A Troop. 1st/9th Cav scouts
Location: Tay Ninh 69-70
Date: 08 Sep 2000
Time: 15:20:05
great site to see. try

Name: Ernest Davis
EMail: EDavis5957[at]
Unit: 1st Plt 135th
Location: from Gray Field to Blackhorse came home Sept 68
Date: 10 Sep 2000
Time: 12:30:02
I would like a list of all the members from the start. trying to remember some of the people. thanks

Name: James R. (Tony) Spletstoser
EMail: lztiger[at]
Unit: Civ Photog attached to the 214th CAB
Location: Feb ’69- Jun 71
Date: 14 Sep 2000
Time: 02:41:55
Steve, great site, great photos. Your are keeping the dream alive. I collected Army aircraft Battle Damage Data for Aberdeen Proving Ground. A kind of bullet hole counter. I worked out of the 214th Hq-Hq Co, at Dong Tam and then Vinh Long. I visited the 135th quite often. You were a bunch of Magnetasses. especially Bill Merkley. Cheers, Tony O^ng Co.p

Name: Kevin James FRENCH
Unit: 135th AHC, RANHFV
Location: Vung Tau/Blackhorse
Date: 17 Sep 2000
Time: 23:38:32
Was visiting son and family in Darwin Sept 2000 and I happened upon another former RANHFV matelot, namely Terry BROOKS. He has shown me this website. I am impressed by the hard work formulating this, and some old names came back when I visited the guest book. When I return to Berry, NSW, I intend to obtain a computer and join the fun!? Best of luck to all 135th members.
The Frog…

Name: David Spriggs
EMail: books369[at]
Unit: 196 Inf
Location: 1964 1965
Date: 20 Sep 2000
Time: 13:14:51
very well done another job well done, I wonder who the last grunt will be to die and when he does who will remember then..

Name: Ernest Davis
EMail: EDavis5957[at]
Unit: 135th 1st Plt Sgt Crew Chief EMU 267
Location: Vung Tau Blackhorse
Date: 21 Sep 2000
Time: 13:46:41
Would like to here from anyone there at that time. Started with the co when it was formed at Gray Field. It started as the 207th. But was deactivated and the 135 was started. I went to Nam with the co. Was at Blackhorse till Sept 7th of 68. I came home with 8 days to do in the army. Know some of the peoples names that was there. Like Patrick J Snyder, Larry Hopkins, Savage, Thorton, Smith, Beene, Cavanaugh, My gunner Robert Labuda. and the first Plt Sgt Joe Klutz Jr. I remember John Piper. I have a picture of me in front his chopper #072.

Name: Mike Flaherty
EMail: yogieb[at]
Unit: 1st Platoon & Taipan’s
Location: Bearcat, Dong Tam, Di An June 70-January 72
Date: 21 Sep 2000
Time: 19:13:09
Just found the site. You have done a great job. Attended the 2000 reunion in Charlotte, NC, it was great to see some of the brother’s. Hope to be in Australia in 2002.

EMail: wbalex[at]
Unit: 135th AHC, 1970, EMU 6
Location: Bear Cat & Dong Tam
Date: 22 Sep 2000
Time: 06:14:12

Name: James D. Meeks sp/4 E-4
EMail: zotts[at]
Unit: 1st. Plt. slick #268
Location: Texas, Vung Tau, Blackhorse, Vinh Long Oct.67-68
Date: 22 Sep 2000
Time: 08:50:28
Thanks you guys for putting this site up!! It is GREAT!!! It is wonderful to be able to communicate to with all of you! Good luck to you all. Jim

Name: Keith (Squizzy)Taylor
EMail: ktaylor[at]
Unit: RANHFV att 68th Sig
Location: 1967/68
Date: 25 Sep 2000
Time: 05:46:51
Great link,a lot of hard work has gone into this,congratulations to those responsible.

Name: Froggy French
EMail: Bare[at]
Unit: 135th AHC Vietnam
Location: Aussie
Date: 28 Sep 2000
Time: 03:32:17
Great Website, Hope to catch up with 135th in Aussie 2002.

Name: Rex Adams
EMail: rex2352000[at]
Date: 03 Oct 2000
Time: 14:05:36
Does anyone remember Larry E. Steppee who was with the 135th? he was k.i.a. April 71 Larry was my cousin and is greatly missed his mom wants me to try to that knew him as there are a lot of unanswered questions any info will b greatly appreciated. thanks and god bless contact anyone

Name: Bart Hendricks
EMail: BartHendricks[at]
Unit: 135 AHC Maintenance
Location: 1969 72 Bear Cat, Dong Tam, Di An
Date: 04 Oct 2000
Time: 19:00:37

Name: Larry Oakley
EMail: loakley[at]
Unit: C/101st Avn Bn and 18th CAC 1st Avn Bde
Location: Phu Bai and Can Tho ’71 & ’72
Date: 06 Oct 2000
Time: 15:27:48
Best Vietnam Web site I have ever seen!

Name: Steve J. Clark
EMail: Steve[at]
Unit: Third Platoon, Taipans, Crew Chief 034
Location: I was in the Taipans 4th Oct untill the Unit disbursed in late 72
Date: 15 Oct 2000
Time: 06:42:45
Best web site I have ever seen. It takes a lot of love and compastion to keep up. Thanks Bill for doing such a fine job. Steve CLark

Name: John Cheha
EMail: janko[at]
Unit: 135th AHC Maintenance
Location: Bearcat 1969-70
Date: 15 Oct 2000
Time: 22:15:52
Dusty, Ankrum, Ballard, Benge, Guard, and myself tried to make our 50 something bodies do for five days what we use to do back at Bearcat during the reunion in Charlotte. I haven’t enjoyed friends so much since I left them 30 Years ago. It was also good to see the rest of the EMU’s.

Name: David Benge
EMail: dtbenge[at]
Unit: 135th Prop &Rotor
Location: Bear Cat – Dong Tam
Date: 18 Oct 2000
Time: 13:58:27
Charlotte NC 2000 was indeed a great time which as Chea said took an enormous toll from the 50 YO bodies of the former EMUs. The memories of the camaraderie then and now were severe indeed. Pity that Paul Kornoelly RIP was not there to enjoy the same memories. Sydney 2002 for the EMU Olympics.

Name: John Day
EMail: Unit:
611th Transportation Co.
Location: Vinh Long/ Can Tho 1970-72
Date: 20 Oct 2000
Time: 23:48:02
Good web site.

Unit: Co C 723 Maint. Bn.
Location: Hawk Hill 1970-1971
Date: 25 Oct 2000
Time: 18:26:22

Name: Leading Aircrewman Barry Musch
EMail: bmusch[at]
Unit: 135th EMU’s
Location: Dong Tam 1969/1970
Date: 25 Oct 2000
Time: 23:57:23
Congratulations on a great web page. As an AUSSIE it is nice to know that someone out there is still interested in us. I would like to hear from anyone in my unit during my tour of duty.

Name: Doug Rasmussen
EMail: deeras[at]
Unit: RAN Maintenance
Location: Bearcat and Dong Tam
Date: 29 Oct 2000
Time: 02:56:08
This is a great site, it has helped me to find people and info. I’ll be back often, and when I get my head around my scanner I will send some pic’s. Keep up the good work.

Name: Jim Brownridge
Unit: Ace Platoon
Location: Di An 71-72 EMU 16
Date: 03 Nov 2000
Time: 11:50:58

Name: Dave Curtin
EMail: emu135[at]
Unit: 135th. Sgt. of guard/flight line/como
Location: Dong Tam/ Di An 70-71
Date: 04 Nov 2000
Time: 17:46:20
Like to stop by every few days to check the guest book! See who stops by our new home. Still have a few patches and reproduction 70-71 year books if anyone is in need. Just drop me an e-mail or stop by my site for information or requests. HOPE EVERY ONE OF OUR BROTHERS IS WELL!!

Name: Russell Maugans
EMail: rmaugans[at]
Unit: 173AHC “Robinhoods-1st Platoon
Location: Lai Khe RVN-1967-1968
Date: 06 Nov 2000
Time: 05:32:54
It was splendid to meet all of you in LZ Charlotte. I am planning to be at your REUNION 2002, if you’ll allow it. Great site, great music, great men.

Name: David Green
EMail: david_green[at]
Unit: 135th AHC Taipan door gunner RANHFV LAAH
Location: Vung Tau, Blackhorse
Date: 06 Nov 2000
Time: 05:44:51
Great web page. Alan Winchcombe put me on to it. Great to see all the names. Will send picks when i get the scanner. I was Tommy Mcginnis door gunner but my mate Jerry Ables ship ended that relationship. Good day Jerry and Tom. Hope to see u all at reunion 2002. Charlotte was great. Thanks guys

Name: JIM Hill
EMail: jimhill[at]
Unit: 135th
Location: Vung Tau & Blackhorse
Date: 08 Nov 2000
Time: 01:05:11
Reunion 2002 HI TO ALL OUT THERE HOPE TO SEE YOU IN AUSTRALIA IN 2002. There was been a meeting held at Nowra to form a steering committee on on Nov 1st. As at present we are working on a program that should go like( Arrivals 23rd)( Registrations 24th)( ANZAC Day March & rememberence service 25th) (Dinner dance 26th) This is just a start & nothing is hard & fast just yet We will keep you informed JIM HILL

EMail: EMU0017
Unit: 135TH / ACE
Location: DI AN / 71-72
Date: 12 Nov 2000
Time: 08:13:49

Name: Don Grissom
EMail: dgrissom[at]
Unit: not a member of the armed services, just a grateful civilian.
Date: 16 Nov 2000
Time: 16:14:08
Want to thank Steve Clark for designing and hosting such an informative site. I never served our country but am very grateful to all that did. On behalf of all Americans I thank all the men and women that have served in our armed services. Thank You!!!!

Name: Larry Ross
EMail: LarryRoss[at]
Unit: 125th AHC, “Cowboys”
Location: PhuHep ’69, Bearcat ’69 & ’70
Comments “Wannabe”
We teamed up with the EMU’s and the Scorpions and flew several ball games in the delta around Dong Tam, Can Tho, and Soc Trang. We had the diamonds on the tail boom, and we were called the “Cowboys”. Our gun ship teams were known as the “Falcons”. We enjoyed working with the EMU’s.

EMail: tsagness[at]
Unit: 2nd Platoon
Location: June 71 – Nov 71 Di An
Great Web Site!! I hope to hear from old friends from the Di An days. How is my old hootch mate , Cpt Buck? I was EMU 26 and would love to see the former pilots & crew again.

Name: Tom Frankenfield
EMail: vetl78[at]
Unit: 119th AHC
Location: Pleiku 10/66-10/67
Great sight keep up the good work. Wish we were not so far apart. Tom Frankenfield Gator 851.

Name: Dana “Spanky” Wren EMU 29
EMail: wrenhaven[at]
Unit: 135th AHC/2nd Platoon
Location: Di An/70-71

Name: Bill Gill
EMail: william_gill[at]
Unit: 68th Sig Det
Location: Ft. Hood/Vung Tau/Black Horse – Apr67-Oct68
Great Web page, should be a great help in bringing in the old members. The reunion in Charlotte was memorable to say the least. It was good to see those “old” faces once again after all these years. This web site will be a great help in keeping these friendships going in the years to come.

Name: Crowley, John A.
Unit: 135 AHC 1st Plt
Location: Dong Tam, Di~An Oct 70 to Oct 71
Enjoyed the site. Will have new E-Mail add last of Dec 00. Will transmit pix after 1st of next year.

Name: Dave Benge
EMail: dtbenge[at]
Unit: 135th P&R
Location: Bear Cat / Dong Tam 69-70
Can anybody give me the details of the “Tanky” Top Sergeant at Bear Cat then at Dong Tam. He played guitar. I would love to see him at the reunion in Australia in April 2002. PS My Charlotte hangover is just about healed up. Dave Benge.

Name: Henry J. Diamond
Unit: 135th Avn. Co.
Location: Cam Ranh Bay – 65-66 thank you for the new
the site looks great